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Lisa has been collecting jewellery from around the world for 20 years and making jewellery for 15 years.

Her own Jewellery design label is called 'lazuli'  you can also find 'lazuli' at

 At RUMA you will be delighted with her awesome collection from NZ and around the world. A mix of sterling silver, gold, gemstones, pearls, amber, paua, black pearl shell, greenstone, costume and tribal jewellery. 

New products are collected and created regularly. ENJOY!

A beautiful selection of crystals & fossils for sale here too.

Please contact us with any queries on any particular product.

Welcome to the website of Right Up My Alley (RUMA) Raglan
Situated at beautiful Raglan on the West Coast, NZ, we have an amazing collection of Antiques
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All prices are in N.Z dollars and are inclusive of GST. Postage & packaging are extra.